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About us

We are a couple who simply love life and enjoy food.  Nicklas is from Kåge, Sweden – where Fika is a religion, and families’ freezes are stacked with wild meat and berries.  His love for traveling has brought him across the globe and he has lived in several countries.  This includes home of the whiskeys (Scotland), Cheese HQ (France) and home of the alps (Austria).

Sue is from Singapore – where the locals live to eat, food is their soul and this is the way to socialise and connect with people.  In fact, Sue used to professionally write about food for a local television back in Singapore.  She has lived in home of the sharks and many things dangerous (Australia); the home of Kafka, Becherovka, pivo and Slivovice and yes knedliky (Czech Republic) and Sue now lives in the home of the alps (Austria) – so we know you know where we met.

Having grown up in different countries, now living with different cultures, languages and cuisine type, our craving for food goes beyond international and sometimes experimental too.  We seek to discover delicious food, enjoy and yes explore new dining experiences (because some experiences are just new and should be told).  And above all, we wish to share this with anyone who wishes to know where to eat in Vienna.

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