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Cafe Goldegg

Cafe Goldegg

Classic and charming Viennese cafe

Classic dishes served in a traditional Viennese cafe

Yes, that is quite an easy find.  If you are in the main historic centre.  But what if you want to shy away from the hustle and bustle, and loud tourists?    And yet you do not wish to drive off to far?  We hear you!  And found the place!

And found breakfast too!

When we first walked in, our first impression is that this place is proper old-school.  At least, the interior furnishing and the style gave us that feel.


image_3 (2)

Snooker table in the middle of the cafe… but why not?

image_4 (2)

Standard old-school tables and chairs

image_5 (2)

Old fire place.  In true old-school fashion


We opted for the Viennese and English breakfast options. And it was goooood

This is definitely one good spot for brekkie.  Well, the menu dedicated a good 2 page to just breakfast – mostly warm items.  Although it is not as extensive as most other food establishments, the options you find here will serve you well.


image_1 (2)

Capuccino and orange juice – because they make breakfast complete


The fry up (or English breakfast) is always a good idea


The Viennese breakfast – looking slightly healthier than its English counterpart


Our orders were brought to us very promptly and the serving size were just right.  We also liked that the staff very much left us to our personal space and when we asked some questions and stretched our very basic Deutsch, they were very kind and helpful to explain to us in English and even encouraged us to practice our very basic German.  We thought that was very sweet and friendly.

We were not stuffed – but nicely full – and were about to leave when… oh no, on our way out, we saw this gorgeous selection of yummy cakes!  Well, there is always a next time and there’s always discipline, because… Christmas is coming!  Time to slim up!  Right…



Because Vienna is home for cakes


And even more cakes – in case you have the space…



About Cafe Goldegg

Humble and friendly traditional Viennese cafe.  Their menu isn’t extensive which probably indicate that all items are prepared on-location and not bought pre-made.  In other words,  they specialise on what they do best, make it fresh and a very good sign.


Rating – Sue

  • Total overall rating: 3 / 5
  • Ambience: 3 / 5, Classic, traditional, quiet and lots of space.  Zen and perfect for breakfast!  Noise before and during first coffee of the day is not advisable.
  • Location:  3 / 5, Near the hauptbanhof but it can be quite a find.
  • Food: 3 / 5, Food is tasty.  Although, the non-extensive menu can be a plus or a minus depending on how you look at it.
  • Price: 3 / 5, The pricing seems okay, acceptable.
  • Service: 3 /5, Friendly, hospitable, quick and easy-going.


Rating – Nicklas

  • Total overall rating: 3.5 / 5
  • Ambience: 4.5 / 5, This is the perfect spot if you want the old style of Vienna. Walk in and it really does feel like you have entered another era! All the antique interior is still there and you can practically touch history when you sit down. 
  • Location: 3.5 / 5, They got a nice small spot that if fairly easy to find but hidden enough from the tourist crowd.
  • Food: 3.5 / 5, Exactly what you would expect. Nothing elaborate but they do hit the spot and taste for the things that they serve.
  • Price: 3 / 5, Roughly the same price as other old style cafes in Vienna.
  • Service: 3 / 5, Kind and nice staff that helps you out.


Contact information

Opening hours of the restaurant:
Monday to Friday: 08:00 – 20:00

Saturday: 09:00 – 20:00
Sunday: 09:00 – 19:00

Tel: +43 (0) 1 505 91 62

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