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El Asador

El Asador

The authentic Argentinian BBQ

  • Author: Sue & Nicklas
  • Date Posted: Jun 23, 2016
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  • Address: Radetzkystraße 3, 1030 Vienna

Looking for good Argentinian steak?  We think we’ve found a new favourite!

El Asador which means the “grill master” in Spanish should be on your must-eat list.  Tucked right at the start of Radetskystrasse is an unassuming looking restaurant.  This place, in our view, is perfect for meat lovers.


Now, of course you’d be asking, why, what is so special or so different about El Asador versus the others?  For starters, this restaurant is owned and managed by the owner himself.  In fact, he doubles up as the chef and the wine expert.  A restaurant with such a set up could only mean one thing – that the owner/ chef puts his soul into his work and cares about his customers.  Because it matters to him.


The exterior


The menu is rather “small-ish” – which translates to us that this restaurants focuses and sell these few and in other words, freshness.  But oh, the wine list is pretty wide for a small place.  So, yes wine lovers, they have some seriously delicious wines from Argentinia – you should definitely ask.

We ordered up a beinsteak (steak with a bit of bones in), flank steak and a ribeye – yes, yes we seem to like this ribeye cut.  And our verdict… Oh my yumm… it was delicious!  The meat simply has more flavours and yes, generally it has a bit more fat to give you that juicy tastiness.  All the meats were imported from Argentina – except for the T-bone steak.  Whilst we know that Argentinian meat are cut differently and its cows graze on different grass, what is important to note is that the Argentinian cows roam freely on the land and are never given any animal feed at all.



Beinsteak – also known as “Asado de tira”


Ribeye steak


Flank steak


And of course, some sides to accompany the meats… krautsalat (cabbage salad), sweet potato chippies, some Argentinian sauces (chimmicuri and the house special)



The service was very down to earth and personalised.  The team makes every effort to make you feel comfortable and do their best to answer our many questions about the cuts, the wines and yes, even the cows.  The price for the serving size was decent.  We have not been to Argentina – not yet – but we feel the food here as more authentic or has got a signature of its own.  The meat has its own flavour and tasted different in a delicious way compared to what we’ve had before at other places – we feel that the other places seemed to have adapted themselves in order to please a very wide crowd.  So yes, if you ask us, it feels authentic here at El Asador and we like it!  A lot!


About El Asador

Argentinian restaurant owned by an Austrian and Argentinian duo.  The Argentinian owner runs the daily operation and is the chef (El Asador/ grill master) himself.   This place feels casual, down to earth and the food tastes yummy!


Rating – Sue

  • Total overall rating:  3.7 / 5
  • Ambience :  3 / 5, Casual, but tables were rather too close and rather dimly lit.
  • Location : 4 /5, Easy to get to, very near Wien Mitte and just in front of the tram stop.  You can’t miss it!
  • Food : 4 / 5,  Juicy, tasty steaks and very good dips/ sauces.  It felt authentic and different from the other meat restaurants.
  • Price :  3.5 / 5, Depending on what you choose, the price could only get higher. Argentinian steaks are generally more expensive – it is imported.  And you always have to pay for the sides…  So we paid some €70ish for our meal but it was worth it.
  • Service : 4 / 5, Friendly, attentive and sincere.  Our waitress was the only one on the floor but she did great!  She remembers correctly and despite being swamped, she maintained her smile and her sincere interest in our needs.

Rating – Nicklas

  • Total overall rating: 3.6 / 5
  • Ambience : 3.5 / 5, A very casual place where you can focus on the food and their selection of wine.
  • Location : 3.5 / 5, Very easy to find coming from Wien Mitte or Schwedenplatz.
  • Food : 4 / 5, Fantastic stakes with a proper bbq flavor, what more can you ask for?
  • Price : 3 / 5, The quality of the food is really good but they do know how to charge for some of their higher end courses.
  • Service : 4 / 5, They have a very friendly staff that are happy to help you out with your selection of wine and food.

Contact information 

Opening hours:

Open daily, 11am to 12 midnight

Tel: +43 1 992 0000

Website: coming soon

Facebook page:




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