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Said the butcher to the cow

Said the butcher to the cow

Central location and casual dining

  • Author: Sue & Nicklas
  • Date Posted: Jun 12, 2016
  • Category: ,
  • Address: Opernring 11, Vienna 1010, Austria

Let’s meat up!

Hurray!!  This is yet another place for meat lovers.  The restaurant name tells it all.


test 1

What could the butcher probably say?  Voulez vous diner aver moi, c’est soir?  Perhaps…


One bank holiday, we showed up without any reservations made but the staff were very quick to attend to us and despite being heavily reserved, they found us a table really quickly.  Oh yes, they are actually open on a bank holiday which is yay given that so few restaurants are open in vienna on a bank holiday!!  But hold on, they are not open on Sundays and Mondays.




Seated and all ready to nom, nom, nom…


We ordered up a burger called the “chilli burger” and we think this one is flammable.  You have to like seriously spicy food because the burger was possessed by chillies!  It’s got bird’s eye chillies (one of the deadliest on the planet) on the top, inside the patty and they even gave a side ramekin of chillies – just in case you want to go wild.   We could tell that they made the patty themselves – based on the shape and yes, those killer chillies.  However, we felt that this somewhat lacked flavour – apart from the fiery chilli hot.



Chilli burger.  Caution: Highly flammable.


Close up of the chillies.  Yes, they are real!


Given that this is a restaurant that specialises in beef, we have to say that it would be grand if there were more choices in the steak “department” there were only “rib eye” or “filet”.  We had a rib eye steak and it was really tasty – and we both think that the steak tasted better than the burger.  The price is really good for the quality and size.



Rib-eye steak with onion rings


The atmosphere was chillaxed and the staff were friendly.  Although they are located smack in the centre and next to Le Meridien, they weren’t at all snooty but were very friendly and chatty in fact.  One observation though, the spacing between the seats certainly needs a revisit.  We noticed how other tables struggled or simply bumped into each other.  Other than that, this is a decent place in a great location which is easy going and serves burgers at a good price!


About said the butcher to the Cow

A very hip and modern restaurant that specialises in beef.  Located just next to Le Meridien, this restaurant is just a very short walk away from the Opera and yes, for the party-goers, it is near to the Albertina.  And the Volksgarten…


Rating – Sue

  • Total overall rating:  3.3 / 5
  • Ambience :  3 / 5, Casual, easy-going and modern.
  • Location : 4 /5, Very very central and super easy to get to.
  • Food : 3 / 5,  The burger was alright, presentation was well done but it tasted somewhat so-so…
  • Price :  3 / 5, It is decent pricing for the location and burger size.
  • Service : 3.5 / 5, Service is good.  Our waitress was very friendly.

Rating – Nicklas

  • Total overall rating: 3.4 / 5
  • Ambience : 3 / 5, A very modern setting.
  • Location : 4 / 5, They have a nice terrace and very good location in the centre.
  • Food : 3 / 5, Given the name of the restaurant, I have to say that I was expecting a bit more. The steak that I had was ok, but nothing more than that.
  • Price : 3 / 5, The price is alright considering the location and the portion.
  • Service : 4 / 5, Service was attentive, kind and very fast.


Contact information 

Opening hours:

Tuesdays & Wednesdays: 17:00 – 01:00
Thursdays to Saturdays: 17:00 – 02:00

Tel:  +43 (0) 1 535 6969





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